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May 31, 2004

3rd place finish for JK Motorsports

Calgary, AB -- JK Motorsports Rally Team completes the Rocky Mountain Rally located near Calgary, AB in 1 hour, 45 min, 33 seconds, placing them in 3rd place in Production class. The Calgary based duo of Janusz Komorowski and Thomas Krog competed against some of the best production drivers in Canada and found themselves in the lead of the class after 3 stages. The class lead shifted to Joe Battrick of Vancouver for four stages before returning to Komorowski.

Photo©Warwick Patterson

On stage 9, Komorowski cought a sharp stone with the right front tire on a fast hairpin corner resulting in a detrimental flat tire. Hoping the tire would last until the end of the stage, Komorowski continued on the flat to lose as little time as possible. Eventually the tire delaminated causing substantial body damage to the team's Mitsubishi Eclipse. Having to stop nonetheless, resulting in losing in excess of 4 minutes.

"The four minutes we lost changing the tire in stage were nearly impossible to get back," commented Komorowski, "since we were already running neck-in-neck with the other P4 teams." Over the course of the following 5 stages, Komorowski and Krog managed to beat their competitors once more but this effort was too small to cause a change in the final standings.

Photo©Warwick Patterson

The next event for the JK Motorsports Rally Team is the Mountain Trials Rally in Merritt, BC a Western Canadian Regional event. The next Canadian National rally is the Rallye Baie des Chaleurs on the Gaspé peninsula in Quebec.

JK Motorsports is sponsored by SUM Canada Enterprises LTD and TemproTec Inc, and is supported by VP Racing Fuels, Varsity Chrysler Dodge.

Pos Crew Vehicle Time Diff

Joe Battrick
Owen Parsonage

2004 Subaru WRX 1:39:38  
2 Frederick Labrie
Robert Labrie
2002 Subaru WRX 1:43:04 3:42
3 Janusz Komorowski
Thomas Krog
1992 Mitsu Eclipse 1:45:33 2:29


May 10, 2004

JK Motorsports Rally Team Finishes Rim of the World Rally

Lancaster, CA -- JK Motorsports Rally Team driver Janusz Komorowski completes the Rim of the World Rally, one of the toughest and roughest pro rally events in North America. Janusz and his co-driver David Hackett completed the gruelling course located near Lancaster,

California in 2 hours 42 minutes, and finished in 14th place overall while 7th in class. Friday's night stages proved to be a good warm-up for the new pair as these two rallists have never competed together before.

The side-by-side super special stage in the Lancaster Fairgrounds was an eye opener for the team as the heavy dust kicked up by the rival car forced them to come to a complete stop half way through the stage. The following stages were held in the mountains on dirt tracks and old brocken tarmac sections, with one stage almost completely made of tarmac. The extreme dry spell in southern California made the dirt tracks extremely dusty causing serious problems for many teams. Driving at competition speed in hanging dust conditions is not a very safe thing to do and with moments of total blindness the team was forced to slow and even come to a complete stop.

Tarmac section were a whole other ball game. As hanging dust was not a problem, it was possible for the team to show their competitive edge.Rim's reputation of being a car breaker did not go unnoticed by the team as

several tire punctures and a broken shock absorber slowed the team down significantly. The crew had to make emergency road side repairs after the 9th special stage, resulting in a 50 second timing penalty at the following timing control station.

Nursing the car through to the end of the 10th stage resulted in another slow time since the service pit stop followed the stage. "We broke off a mounting bolt for the rear shock absorber after a series of jumps on stage 9,"

claimed David Hackett, "but fortunately between stage 9 and 10 we came upon a village with helpful residents who happened to have the correct size bolt and washer." The incident also punctured a brake line causing the brake fluid to drain reducing Komorowski's ability to slow the car before corners.

Having finished this event in one piece Komorowski sais that he enjoyed it imensly and is ready to come back next year. Servicing for the JK Motorsports Rally Team at the Rim of the World Rally was provided by

Canadian Champion Patrick "Rocket" Richard's team of expert mechanics who also prepared Richard's Rim winning Subaru WRX Group N car.

The next event for the JK Motorsports Rally Team and their Production class Mitsubishi Eclipse rally car is the Rocky Mountain Rally in Calgary on May 27-28, 2004. The rally car will also be on display at the V8Less Autoshow on May 15.

JK Motorsports is sponsored by Sum Canada Enterprises LTD, TemproTec Inc., and suppored by VP Racing Fuels, Varsity Chrysler Dodge and 3M Trim-Line Calgary.


April 29, 2004

JK Motorsports Rally Team Finishes 3rd in Oregon

Hillsboro, OR -- JK Motorsports rally team has finished the 2004 SCCA Oregon Trail Pro Rally in 3rd place in Production GT, a class for unmodified vehicles with engine

displacements up to 2500cc. The event went well despite some mechanical problems on the first day. "On Friday night we found out during the super special stages at the Portland International Raceway that we had serios problems with one of the brake calipers," commented Janusz Komorowski Jr. The issues were resolved at the service and the team started Saturday stages with a fully functioning car.

During Saturday's stages, the team members had the opportunity to become better aquainted with each others styles as Scott Beckwith had not competed with the JK Motorsports team before. "Resolving our communication and trust issues took us most of the day," said Beckwith.

Sunday's stages brought the team more successes. By changing suspension setups, driving technique and with better communication Janusz and Scott managed to be competitve in the Production GT class throughout the day, finishing the rally in 3rd place in class and 13th overall.
P # Entry Vehicle Time Class
7 323

Stephan Verdier
Allan Walker

WRX 2:05:45.2 PGT
12 215 Jamie Thomas
Matt Gauger
WRX 2:09:33.3 PGT
13 16 Janusz Komorowski
Scott Beckwith
Eclipse 2:13:41.5 PGT


April 21, 2004

JK Motorsports enters the Oregon Train Pro Rally

Hillsboro, OR -- JK Motorsports Rally Team will be competing in the 2004 Oregon Train Pro Rally in production GT class. The Calgary based rally team has committed to this out of championship event to obtain more experience with the use of Jemba notes and to test suspension and engine setups before the Rocky Mountain Rally in Calgary.

Joining the team for the Oregon rally will be Australian co-driver Scott Beckwith. Beckwith, having competed in Australia, United States and at WRC events has considerable experience with pace noting and other forms of road description. Beckwith is the 2003 State Formula 2 and P3 Co-driving champion.

Beckwith will be competing this weekend alongside the defending 3-time Western Canada Rally Champion, Janusz Komorowski, in a production class Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Calgary rally driver has captured the 2003 WCRC title despite the mid-season theft of his previous rally car.

The Oregon Trail Pro Rally is the second round of the current seasons SCCA Pro Rally Championship presented by Hot Wheels® and at takes place in the vicinity of Hillsboro, OR. The rally has a start list of 64 teams from around North America competing in 2 wheel-drive, and all-wheel-drive categories including the internationally recognized Group N class.

For JK Motorsports, the Oregon rally is an opportunity to gain experience in competing with a highly restricted production car. Shod on Yokohama tires, the team will also make adjustments to suspension, alignment, and turbo mapping to maximize the car's limited abilities. Familiarization with the Jemba stage noting system, a computerized method of creating road notes, is also high on the list of priorities as the same system will be used at the Rocky Mountain Rally in late May. The system uses force feedback and g-force analysis hardware/software to generate exact descriptions of turns, bends, hairpins and straightaways, which the co-driver reads to the driver during competition allowing for safer and faster driving.

Live results of the Oregon Trail Pro Rally will be available online at . For more information about the JK Motorsports Rally Team, see the team home page at

JK Motorsports is sponsored by Sum Canada Enterprises LTD, TemproTec Inc, VP Racing Fuels, and supported by Varsity Chrysler and 3M Trim-Line Calgary.

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For more information please contact:
Janusz Komorowski Jr.
(403) 818-9950


JK Motorsports finish 4th in season opener.

Cochrane, AB -- The JK Motorsports Rally Team finished the past weekend's annual Cochrane Rally of the Ranchlands in a respectable fourth place overall and second in production class. Despite missing the podium by a mere second, both the crew and management are quite pleased with the event results.

The 2004 Cochrane rally was the first regional event in North America to permit the rally crews to use studed tires and write their own pace notes. Pace notes are detailed instructions created by the driver/co-driver pair ahead of the rally describing the road conditions, type and direction of turns and any road obstacles.

Regarding pace notes JK Motorsports driver Janusz Komorowski Jr. had this to say, "it was a difficult and frustrating experience to write pace notes for the first time. We did go through a short training session ahead of time, but the pace noting system is quite involved and its difficult to gauge the grades of corners without prior pace noting experience."

©Andy Hayward

Komorowski entered the rally with novice co-driver Thomas Krog from Denmark whose first outing with the team was a great learning experience. Having never rallied before Krog was more receptive to the pace noting system than other co-drivers who have competed in rallies using the traditional "blind" format. Nonetheless learning to write and read the shorthand at the right pace and at the right time proved to be a challenge.

©Andy Hayward

The next rally event for the JK Motorsports duo will be the Rocky Mountain Rally in May. JK Motorsports is sponsored by Sum Canada Enterprises LTD, TemproTec Inc. and supported by VP Racing Fuels, 3M Trim-Line Calgary, Varsity Chrysler Dodge, and Alamo Industries Ltd.
P #


Vehicle Time Class
1 14

Norm LeBlanc
Owen Parsonage

Subaru WRX 1:00:39 P4
2 6

Jeff Smith
Miles McEwing

VW Beetle 1:01:39 Open
3 4

Jim Dewitte
Joe Proteau

Isuzu Impulse 1:01:44 Open
4 1

Janusz Komorowski
Thomas Krog

Mitsubishi Eclipse 1:01:45 P4
A total of 22 competitors entered, 19 finished.


March 1, 2004

The 2004 Rally Season Has Begun

Calgary, AB -- Many changes have come about since the end of the 2003 rally season, not the least of which was the addition of reconnaissance to all the Western Canadian Rally Championship events. JK Motorsports has prepared for just this changing by accepting Thomas G. Krog as the 2004 co-driver. Thomas has aspired to be a rally team member even while living in Denmark, his country of birth.
The first rally the team will enter in the 2004 season will be the Cochrane Rally of the Ranchlands, which consists of special stages and transits north of the town of Cochrane, AB. Reconnaissance has been scheduled for Saturday March 19, and the rally will take place on Sunday March 20 starting in Cochrane.
Over the course of the break between season, there have been a number of changes in the drivers and cars that will compete in this years championship. Watch for your favorite drivers in new cars, and many more first time competitors. The field of teams could be record breaking. For more information on the event, look on the 2004 Cochrane Rally website at